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Morgan is so Mansome

Since Morgan Spurlock is known for fully immersing himself in his movies — famously subsisting on McDonald’s menu items for Super Size Me and pounding the pavement for every last product placement dollar in The Greatest Story Ever Sold — it seemed only appropriate to ask the man behind Mansome about his go-to grooming products and tools. 

Razor: “What kind of razor do I have? The Gillette Fusion — that’s the one with the five-blade cartridge — is my razor of choice. The one I use came from a shaving place in New York City... it’s got a great handle and a replaceable blade.”

Shaving brush: “One of the things that changed as a result of making the movie is that some time in the last year and a half I bought a shaving brush. At first I thought it was kind of old-timey and I didn’t know why I’d need to use one, but from the minute I started to use a brush to apply shaving cream I haven’t gone back.”

Shaving cream: “I’m currently using a shaving cream I got at the Art of Shaving, it’s got some combination of kelp and oils in it.” 

After-shave: “The shaving cream I’m not so precious about, but I am incredibly precious about my after-shave. I use Chanel Allure Homme. I got turned on to it years ago and I love the way it smells — it’s musky and smells like a man. I guess I started using it not long after my son was born. I equate [having] my son to being incredibly masculine.”