This column will open your eyes to a world little explored, a part of UAE culture you never knew existed - rock and metal bands who hail from our shores. tabloid! gives you a weekly taste of who is burning hot - and who is all smoke and no fire

  • Published 0:05 July 30, 2010


    A band with a name like Bulletcells must comprise a group of men who rail at their fans and break guitars on stage. Read more...

    Posted by By Krita LuiJoana Coelho

  • Published 17:18 July 22, 2010

    Absolace: Absolutely fantastic


    Being a rock metal fan for long as I can remember, one of my ardent desires has always been to be the proverbial fly on the wall during a band’s rehearsal. Bands tend to be very guarded before a gig, so it took some cajoling to get Greg Carcopoulos, drummer of progressive rock band Absolace, to let me in. Read more...

    Posted by Krita LuiJoana Coelho

  • Published 18:27 June 17, 2010

    Jay's Journey

    Jay Wud

    If there's one thing that solo artist Jay Wud wants to make sure I know from the start, it’s that he’s all about good ol’ fashioned rock.

    With a tattooed arm, a messy head of hair and a pair of red Converse sneakers, it doesn’t really come as a shock when he tells me his upcoming 9-track album - appropriately titled "New Blood" - is going to be "100% rock 'n' roll". Read more...

    Posted by Marwa Hamad, Staff Reporter, tabloid!

  • Published 15:42 June 10, 2010

    Nikotin Unplugged

    This Monday, Dubai-based rock band Nikotin is slowing it down a notch with an intimate acoustic set at The Fridge, Al Quoz Read more...

    Posted by by Marwa Hamad, Staff Reporter

  • Published 20:00 June 3, 2010

    The Waterloo Sunset begin to shine

    The Waterloo Sunset

    Born only 2 weeks apart, 18-year-old Michael White and Glen Cowie decided to form an indie alternative band late last year and before they knew it, they were faced with the hardest task of all - naming themselves.

    First they took the easy road and dubbed the band The Roses, then tried to turn their indifference into magic with the name Whatever. The real trouble started when they brought out the big guns with a few quasi-creative two-worders, throwing out names like Daydream Believers, Wasp Factory, and perhaps the most horrifying of them all - Persian Carpet.

    Thankfully and finally, they trashed all of the above and settled on naming themselves after a song that came out nearly three decades before they were born - The Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks. Read more...

    Posted by Marwa Hamad, Staff Reporter, tabloid!

  • Published 18:03 May 27, 2010

    The Brownies are a tasty bunch


    A band like "The Brownies" barely manages to make it into the rock genre.

    With bongos instead of drums and an inability to keep a straight face as they pose for photos, the boys seem too happy to pull off the element of teenage angst that tortures rock stars everywhere.

    "We're a non-pretentious, happy band," says Dutch rhythm guitarist Alex Bruyn. Read more...

    Posted by Marwa Hamad, Staff Reporter


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