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    Friday Jan 23

    The best things in Brussels are free

    Museums, galleries and palaces dot the Belgian capital, offering visitors an eyeful of splendid architecture to compliment some grand medieval history

  • story 2
    Friday Jan 23

    5 free things in Vancouver

    Beaches, parks and forested walks — the best of the Canadian city’s attractions — are readily accessible by transit bus or train and can be visited without spending a penny

  • story 3
    Friday Jan 23

    Wild draws more hikers to Pacific Crest Trail

    Pacific Crest Trail’s popularity has rocketed since the movie released. People are making requests for permits for long hikes, many of them women who are inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s experiences

  • story 4
    Thursday Jan 8

    Five ways to save on travel in 2015

    Negotiate a better price when you book rooms, try package deals and choose cheap countries — these are some strategies you can adopt to make your trips less expensive

  • story 5
    Tuesday Jan 6

    Necker Island’s secret is out

    From allowing guests to eat sushi off a female staff’s naked midriff to encouraging them to hit golf balls at a human target, the place ensures its moneyed visitors’ every whim is satisfied

  • story 6
    Tuesday Jan 6

    Eurostar expands network, cuts travel time

    Later this year, the high-speed railway network will also start operating its new longer, wider and taller e320 trains, wherein there will be roomier and reclining seats along with free Wi-Fi

  • story 7
    Friday Jan 2

    Destinations for 2015: Milan, Cuba, Queens and more

    Several major anniversaries will be marked by a variety of events this year, making it the perfect time to make the most of these getaways

  • story 8
    Monday Dec 29

    Review: The Oberoi Dubai

    We spend 48 hours at this luxury business hotel in Dubai. Here's the verdict

  • story 9
    Friday Dec 19

    Discover carnival on the cheap and other travel news

    Explore travel deals and more around the world

  • story 10
    Wednesday Dec 17

    Review: Shangri-La hotel Qaryat Al Beri

    We spend 48 hours at this five-star beachfront hotel in the capital. Here's the verdict

  • story 11
    Monday Dec 15

    Empire state of mind

    Self-confessed TV addict Elizabeth Elphick has grown up on a diet of sitcoms and films set in New York. She finally gets the chance to experience the city for herself, but could it possibly live up to her expectations?

  • story 12
    Sunday Dec 7

    Trying out the rat race at Disneyland Paris

    It’s fast, it’s 4D, is rumoured to have cost $270 million and was created by the people behind the Oscar-winning film Ratatouille. Friday editor Karen Pasquali Jones joins the rat race trying out the latest ride at Disneyland Paris

  • story 13
    Wednesday Dec 3

    Pico Iyer: I’m a tourist on the realm of stillness

    The globetrotting travel writer, who lives in a remote village in Japan for the last 15 years, says The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere is a self-help book for achieving inner peace

  • story 14
    Wednesday Dec 3

    Art festival lights up Amsterdam in dark winter

    In a giant open-air exhibition that lasts until January 18, the waterways and web of canals that make up the city’s historic heart form a backdrop for dozens of works of art

  • Wednesday Dec 3

    Portland’s historic Victoria Mansion reopens

    The mansion is often cited as an important example of Italianate Villa-style of architecture. It is closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day

  • Friday Nov 28

    BART opens new train line to Oakland airport

    The trains started running at 6am last Saturday, making the 5-kilometre route in only 8 minutes

  • story 17
    Friday Nov 28

    France’s Pompidou opens Jeff Koons retrospective

    The exhibit features the porcelain statue of Michael Jackson with his pet monkey, Bubbles, among other installations by America’s highest-selling artist

  • Friday Nov 28

    Islamic art on display at Art Institute of Chicago

    Curator Daniel Walker says the collection spans from Spain and Morocco to Central Asia and Indonesia

  • story 19
    Friday Nov 28

    The secret life of air baggage

    It’s not a pack of Dickensian thieves that tear through your bags at the airport — it’s state of the art machines, and experts who have keys to almost every single manner of approved TSA locks

  • story 20
    Monday Nov 24

    Belgrade: Bel of the Balkans

    A city juxtaposed between old and new, Belgrade is still hosting the after party of when culture and conflict collide, but as Nawied Jabarkhyl discovers, that’s exactly what makes it so special

  • story 21
    Friday Nov 21

    Project to show Native American link to Route 66

    The plan is to create a guidebook using federal grant money that will highlight significant tribal sites along the 3862-kilometre byway

  • story 22
    Friday Nov 21

    JetBlue to add bag fees on cheapest tickets

    The airline will also add 15 seats to its Airbus A320 aircraft, increasing capacity to 165 from 150, and reduce average legroom to 33 inches between rows from more than 34 inches

  • story 23
    Friday Nov 21

    Prague wall dedicated to John Lennon painted over

    A group of art students claimed responsibility for painting the wall white on Monday and leaving the message, an apparent play on the words of the singer’s hit Happy Xmas (War is Over)

  • Friday Nov 21

    Etihad launches non-stop flights to San Francisco

    Explore travel deals and more around the world

  • story 25
    Thursday Nov 20

    Roosevelt House: a testament of FDR and Eleanor’s legacy

    The six-storey building isn’t a museum but public tours show how the history of the family was played out there

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