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My Entertainment: Chema Dezerate - Embassy's new resident DJ

Embassy Dubai’s brand new resident DJ, Chema Dezerate, talks 80s music and his top UAE hangouts

  • By Farah Andrews, Scene magazine
  • Published: 13:35 September 5, 2012
  • Scene

Chema Deserate
  • Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Chema's favourite place to hangout in Dubai is at the Siddharta Lounge by Buddha Bar.

Movies and music

Favourite film of all time? Goodfellas
Favourite film seen in last month? Total Recall
Ultimate movie icon? Edward Norton
Movie character you’d most like to play? Definitely Matt Damon’s role in The Bourne Ultimatum
Favourite movie quote? “Here’s Johnny!” – The Shining
Favourite movie snack? The classic, popcorn!
Current favourite TV show? I don’t get much time to watch TV shows nowadays
First record you ever bought? That would be Tattoo You, The Rolling Stones
Last song downloaded? Please Me, Poncho
Favourite band? Depeche Mode
Song to be played at your funeral? Enjoy The Silence, Depeche Mode
Best album of all time? 101, Depeche Mode
Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Pretty much any song could get me on the dance floor, it just needs to be played at the right time


Favourite designer? Armani
Favourite fashion capital? London
Favourite restaurant in the UAE? Ossigeno at Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort
& Spa
And what dish do you always order there? I love the pasta!
Last book read? The Eight by Katherine Neville
Last thing you bought? CDs and a pair of shoes
Favourite holiday destination? The UK
Favourite hotel? W Barcelona 
Best website?
Favourite celebrity hottie? Catherine Zeta Jones
Best UAE hangout? Siddharta Lounge by Buddha Bar
Personal motto? Music is the answer
Describe yourself in three words? Persevering, stubborn, ambitious 
Word or phrase you most say? “I can do it!” 
Your signature cooking dish? It’s a secret recipe, someday I may tell you...

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