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'I've had a hypnobaby'

Louise Cheshire was desperate to have a child but was unable to, even though she was medically fit. Then she considered hypnotherapy…

  • By Tara Cain
  • Published: 17:09 March 21, 2013
  • Friday

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  • Aafia Rose was born healthy and Louise says she bounced back from the pregnancy very quickly.

 After five long years of trying to become a mother for the second time, 36-year-old Louise Cheshire has at last had a baby girl after being hypnotised into believing she was pregnant.

Louise, a hospitality manager from Leicestershire in England, suffered two miscarriages seven years ago and years of stress and heartache as she tried desperately to have a baby.

She was on the verge of embarking on expensive IVF treatment when she decided to try hypnotherapy, as it had helped her quit smoking eight years ago.

“I have a 15-year-old daughter Tia from a previous relationship,” Louise says. “But I was desperate to have another child and was becoming extremely stressed about it. All I could think about was getting pregnant; it was on my mind all the time.’’

Louise and her partner Ian had extensive tests to discover why she couldn’t conceive.

But doctors could find nothing wrong. They said there was no medical reason for them not being able to have a baby. “We were told to go home and be patient,’’ says Louise.

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Vicious circle

“I was 35 and all I could think was ‘I’m running out of time’. It was such a low point for me. Everything in my life centred on getting pregnant. And the more I thought about it the more stressed I got. It was a vicious circle.

“Being told there was nothing wrong with us made it worse because I felt a complete failure. Why couldn’t we have a baby? And that made me even more anxious and upset.

“At work I would often become aware of mums who would speak about their babies and young children and I found myself going into a daydream and watching them with envy. Then I’d have to snap myself out of it and get back into work mode, which added to my stress levels significantly.

“So I looked up IVF on the internet. It was really expensive, but you just can’t put a price on this sort of thing. I was prepared to do anything.

“We desperately wanted to have a baby together so with every year that passed, I was aware my chances of conceiving were slipping further and further away.

“It was then that I remembered having hypnotherapy for smoking eight years ago and wondered if it was something I could pursue for this. It had helped me quit smoking so I thought it was worth a shot.”

Louise visited Russell Hemmings, a hypnotherapist, in February 2012. “We talked about my anxieties; the constant trying, the stress, pressure, the feeling of helplessness.

“He talked about letting go of the stress and taught me to relax and not just think about babies all the time. He talked about letting go of the anxiety and concentrating on the positive.

“I admit I was a little sceptical initially wondering whether it would work.

“He gave me a self-hypnosis CD to take home and listen to every night. It was to help me get rid of the stress and to relax.

“Around a month later I found I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it and did three pregnancy tests! All turned out positive.’’

How it works

According Russell, hypnotherapy inducesa trance-like state, during which a therapist can talk to the subconscious mind and suggest ideas and lifestyle changes to reduce anxiety and promote well-being.

The patient is well aware of what is being said and suggested by the hypnotherapist, but more open to suggestions once the conscious mind is ‘bypassed’.
“The hypnotherapy was so calming,” Louise says. “Russell explained to me that he too had suffered from anxiety years ago and that actually made me relax more as I knew this man actually understood what he was talking about and that he cared.”

However, Louise then found that she started to worry about carrying her baby full term because of the previous miscarriages.

“I was worried about losing the baby and having a Caesarean section and pretty much everything about being pregnant!

“So I went back to see Russell again and he helped calm me down and taught me to relax and enjoy the whole experience.’’

Louise underwent one hypnotherapy session before getting pregnant and one during her pregnancy.

“I wanted to be calm for the baby’s sake – to have a stress-free time and make sure my baby was happy. And after the sessions, I was truly stress free.’’

Easy adjustment

The pregnancy went without any problems and Louise gave birth to healthy baby Aafia Rose Forrest on December 3, 2012.

“I can’t believe after all the heartache we’ve suffered she is finally here. She is my little treasure and I appreciate her so much more.

“I was nearly 21 when I had Tia but bizarrely I’ve bounced back so much quicker this time around. I had no postnatal issues and I don’t know whether that is because of the hypnotherapy and being so calm about everything, but it’s wonderful!

“My gran always used to say ‘Louise, it’s all about mind over matter’ and now I know what she meant!”

Russell says, “The benefits of using cognitive hypnotherapy for fertility are now known worldwide and I’ve seen an increasing number of couples opting for this treatment.

“My fertility programme is tailored to the individual to increase the chances of conceiving and staying pregnant full term. And of course, this therapy is non intrusive, safe and has no side effects – except of course the sleepless nights at the end of the pregnancy!
“Trying for a baby can be hugely stressful. You are reminded of your inability to conceive all the time – on the TV, people around you, family asking questions. Then people stop mentioning babies in front of you because it’s become a sensitive issue and your relationship can suffer because making love has been replaced with making babies.

“It’s a desperate cycle of expectation every month, only to have your hopes dashed and the stress levels begin to rise. And it is well known that stress can have a blocking effect on fertility. This is why women will often become pregnant at the very point they stop trying.

“All I do is speed that process up!”
*Louise Cheshire, 36, lives in Hinckley, Leicestershire in the UK

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You can contact Russell Hemmings via his website www. or visit He is currently taking bookings in Dubai.

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