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Soundbites: Breaking barriers in Dubai

Dubai’s newest electronic music duo, Tacit, take it to the next level

Image Credit: Supplied

Talk about an unusual performance in Dubai. Local scene stalwarts Aaron Kim and Yasser Anderson, who go by the name Tacit, are the newest electronic duo in town are taking to the Fridge stage with five home grown aerialists. We chatted to Anderson, one half of the pair that claims to break the conventions of the traditional sonic barriers.


Q: Why the performance with the aerialists?

A: The Fridge came up with the idea. This is in the spirit of The Fridge Concert Series: encouraging collaborative works between artists from different walks of life and backgrounds. They offers facilities for aerial dance and stunts which makes it one of the few space that can enable putting on shows like this one and we envisioned Tacit’s music to be a fit to aerial dance art and it worked out perfectly.


Q: How did Tacit happen?

A: Our collaboration began around July/August 2012, we had met a few times prior due to our involvement in the local music scene. The idea of the project came about when Aaron wrote to me on Facebook mentioning that he was looking to start a strictly electronic project and wanted to see if I’d be interested. From there we met a few times and just jammed, while constantly discussing music and our influences, which were similar. We both had a strong concept of what we wanted the end product to sound like or even more precisely ‘not sound like,’ and cardinally neither of us felt the pinch to compromise on that vision. That was when we knew it was an experiment worth engaging in.


Q: Explain the name Tacit.

A: The name actually came from Aaron, We had decided that we didn’t want to use traditional instruments or have a permanent singer, which can usually leave a void when playing music, my father had always told me “appreciate the space between the notes it’s usually more important than the notes themselves” to ensure that the songs can breathe. So due to Aaron’s classical training in music and his thorough knowledge of music theory he mentioned the notion of “Tacet” which in musical terms is Latin for “it is silent”. It indicates that an instrument or voice does not sound. That coupled with the English meaning’s for tacit; understood, unexpressed, silent, allusive, gave us the name.


Q: How do you bring about the marriage between analogue and digital?

A: It was actually something that happened naturally. When we first got together we realised that all of my equipment was digital and all of Aaron’s was analogue, so through this we discovered many advantages and limitations of both systems, but we can make up for these by having both systems running in tandem.


*Tacit perform at The Fridge on Monday night. Tickets are priced at Dh50 at the door. Show begins at 8pm. For directions, go to