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Rebecca Black and more teen internet idols

They're young, talented and cute and all want to be superstars! With millions of YouTube fans blogging their every move, e+ spills all on four Biebers-in-the-making...

Rebecca Black
Image Credit: AP
The video for Rebecca Black's song Friday beat Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to garner the most web views for a music video.

Rebecca Black

At 13, Black wasn’t quite prepared for the massive internet following her track Friday won her (even if some of the comments weren’t so kind.) After beating Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to garner the most web views for a music video, Rebecca’s beyond-catchy ‘It’s Friday, Friday...’ lyrics have seen her hire a manager, and there’s talk of a major music deal.

Jenna Rose

She’s all of 12, but Jenna Rose is definitely on her way to becoming a bonafide super-tween star after her first online single My Jeans went stellar. Dressed in teeny skirts, she’s seen prancing around with her girl pals in her famed video. What’s more, the overnight star is now set to recreate the magic with her next track O.M.G.

Maria Aragon

A Canadian singer of Filipino descent, Aragon hit the headlines after her sister uploaded her version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. The video floored the lady herself, with Gaga inviting the 10-year-old to perform a duet during her Monster Ball Tour. And Maria was even invited onto Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to spill all about the gig.

Bo Burnham

This 19-year-old teen turned into an internet phenomenon when a song he put up on YouTube received 59 million video hits. Now, he invests his time updating the virtual world with his deadpan bedroom tunes. Though the lines are controversial, the songs continue to hit the right notes.