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Surprise sighting of new Audi E-tron

Audi is preparing a radical electric vehicle for a global debut at next month's Frankfurt motor show

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  • Published: 10:19 August 8, 2011
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Audi E-tron
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  • Audi's new electric vehicle is part of the company's E-tron label.
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One of our spy’s minions in Germany stumbled upon what appears to be an Audi concept car destined for the upcoming Frankfurt motor show on September 15. 

Branded under Audi's E-tron umbrella, this tiny urban runabout concept was caught being wheeled out from its enclosed trailer in downtown Berlin. Our reports claim that Audi staff were preparing to film the vehicle amid the hustle and bustle of a German metropolis, the new E-tron’s intended habitat. 

Since the car moved in complete silence under its own power alone, we must assume that the wheels are driven by electric motors. The new concept features room for just two passengers, with the second seat tucked in behind the driver.

Don’t forget that mother company Volkswagen unveiled the radical L1 concept at 2009’s Frankfurt show, which also had tandem seating, so it’s highly likely that this new E-tron is some sort of spin-off with a twist. The VW L1 was powered by a 36bhp 0.8-litre twin-cylinder turbodiesel engine aided by a 14bhp electric system. Audi’s likely to have advanced the game on with this new E-tron, especially since it doesn’t appear to have an internal combustion engine at all. 

At that point our spy trundled on down the square for a pretzel, so we’ll have to wait until Frankfurt for more information.

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