Horoscope: September 17, 2016

Astrologer Shelly von Strunckel reveals what’s in the stars for you today

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The irony about the brilliant alliance between Mars and Uranus, planet of innovation, in your birthday chart is that while it signifies exciting ideas, intriguing offers and thrilling developments, the promise or value of what’s coming won’t always be recognisable at the time. That’s probably because it’s new, so new you’ll regard it as odd or, perhaps, puzzling. Knowing that, be inquisitive about whatever arises and everybody you meet. This ensures nothing can pass you by.

Aries March 20 – April 18

Obviously life would be easier if you could talk through differences all at once. But, as you’ve learnt, things don’t always work that way. This is especially the case now, with September’s two eclipses shaking things up and Mercury, which will be retrograde until the 22nd, triggering all sorts of confusion.

Taurus April 19 – May 19

You rarely change plans at the last minute. But judging by the coming days’ planetary activity, that’s exactly what you’re about to do. And, bizarrely, you’ll rather enjoy it. This is mostly because events are enabling you to break away from arrangements you thought you’d just have to live with.

Gemini May 20 – June 19

In late July your ruler Mercury moved to accent the structure if your life, at home and out in the world. Since then you’ve explored lots of options and made numerous changes. Still, you’ve been sidestepping certain tricky issues. Resolve them soon, ideally before Mercury moves on, in early October.

Cancer June 20 – July 21

Don’t allow those who ignore the feelings you express or who laugh when such things as intuition are mentioned, to bother you. While this arrogant behaviour could be considered offensive, they’re simply insensitive to such matters, so have no idea the impact of their attitude or their words.

Leo July 22 – August 21

As a fire sign, you have a knack for encouraging others, and in ways that make a difference. While, often, you do this without even thinking about it, at the moment somebody really needs a boost. You’re probably aware of this but, bizarrely, haven’t realised how helpful your support could be.

Virgo August 22 – September 21

While the bountiful Jupiter departed Virgo on the 9th, by no means is its influence gone from your life. Rather, because it’s now accenting your resources, from your assets of a financial nature to your possessions, its presence is encouraging you to consider what, and who, you most value in life.

Libra September 22 – October 21

The time has come to be frank, both about your plans and in regard to your feelings about certain complex situations. While you’ve tried to be discreet, that’s only making things more complicated. With the communication planet Mercury meeting truthful Pluto twice, and within only a few days, you must be candid.

Scorpio October 22 – November 20

Judging by the current very tricky, and tense, planetary setup, this is no time to confront anybody. Yet you can’t ignore increasingly difficult issues. The best approach, therefore, is to take things in stages. Tackle one problem or obstacle a day, and gradually you’ll manage to put these issues to rest.

Sagittarius November 21 – December 20

This is an unsettled week in a month of changes as sudden as they are disruptive. While, in most cases, you’ve recognised the promise in these, you’re still feeling overwhelmed. Take a break. While the pace of events won’t slow down, you can ignore them for a day or so.

Capricorn December 21 – January 19

Exciting as certain plans are, you’re being told they’re final. That seems excessive, especially with so much still being discussed and decided. While you could cite that as a point, you can also rely on the fact that with Mercury retrograde until the 22nd, even the simplest arrangements are likely to change.

Aquarius January 20 – February 18

At the moment life is a bit like a serialised story, in that every week or so you learn more about what’s happening, but never everything you want to know. That’s because the world around you is changing. As a result, even simple arrangements must be regarded as tentative.

Pisces February 19 – March 19

You may be tempted to make promises to certain individuals that you can’t necessarily keep. Still, you’d like to reassure them. The big problem is that, sooner or later, they’ll ask you what’s happening with those promises you made, and what you’ll say to those individuals then.