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The Directory: Guide to summer hair care for men

Here’s our expert guide on how to keep your mane in top form in the heat


Men and their hair. Even those far removed from fashion and the latest trends will tell you they fuss over their mane. And with our unforgiving summer still going strong, we went to the expert for some good mane advice. So whether you are going bald, taming the frizz or sculpting your looks, Mike Ryan the trichologist at Clear Arabia, gives you his top tips on how to get that mop sorted.


Other than making sure your skin is fully protected, tanning in the hot sun can also lead to hair dryness. To prevent this problem, it is ideal to stay away from the blow dryer and hair iron during this time. There is no better time than summer to embrace your natural hair texture. Avoiding hot styling tools will also help reduce breakage, which is the primary cause of frizz. The problem is even more common during the summer since your hair tends to be drier than usual. It is vitally important to remember that your scalp is an extension of your face — so you should never go out in the sun without some sort of protection on your hair and scalp, in particular where men may be experiencing a little hair loss on the top of their heads, the scalp can easily burn. Use a sun protection product with a high SPF in the form of a cream, gel, mousse, spray or leave-in conditioner.


Most men think that because they have short hair, that they don’t need to use conditioner after shampooing their hair. This is not true as men and women should always use an after-shampoo conditioner whatever your hair type. Pour a small quantity into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and smooth the conditioner over the hair. Do not rub into the scalp or put an excess amount of conditioner on the scalp. Rinse immediately. There is no reason to leave conditioner in your hair for any length of time as a well-formulated conditioner should act on the hair immediately. So just remember to use conditioner on a regular basis, in small quantities, and rinse, rinse, rinse.


Take extra care to protect coloured hair. Whatever measures you take. coloured hair exposed to bright sunlight will lighten; avoid this with a cool summer hat and post wash leave-in sun care product.


Bleaching your hair can leave it vulnerable to breakage and brittle ends when exposed to excessive sun. Consider waiting till after your holiday before you bleach your hair… or simply opt for the better option to stay away from bleach all together.


Never vigorously dry your hair using a towel. This action roughens up the cuticle giving hair a dull and tangled appearance once dry.


Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet, so it is better to use a comb than a brush — a comb is easier on your hair and scalp. Vigorous brushing weakens your hair by removing some of the hair’s cuticles and may break hair off of the cuticle as the constant traction pulls the hair out. Sharp bristles will also scratch your scalp. Brushes are often an essential styling tool — but you need to be careful. Choose a brush with a long, widely spaced plastic (not natural) bristle, as plastic bristles are smoother and kinder to your hair and scalp. Above all, avoid anything with metal prongs and opt for a “saw-cut” comb in which each tooth is cut into it, making it smoother. They are available in plastic or vulcanite (hard rubber). Avoid cheap plastic combs made from a mould as these can cut into the hair. Metal combs are even worse as their edges can lacerate the hair.


While it’s important to ramp up your moisturising and conditioning duties during summer months, make sure that you remember to keep your roots and hair hydrated from the inside out also. Drink plenty of liquids to keep roots and strands flush with fluids. Water will also keep your skin soft and plump.


Eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Everything you eat affects your body, including your hair. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and people who eat a lot of it often have silky, shiny hair.