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Six face treatments to turn back the clock

Not only are the latest face-saving procedures quicker, cheaper and less invasive than ever, they’re also smarter, keeping your skin healthier for longer. Here are six of the smartest non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. No fillers required

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The SmartXide CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser, removes between 20 and 30 per cent of your total skin surface during one 15-minute session.

Best for tackling...all ageing concerns:


This has been dubbed the ‘anti-ageing breakthrough of the decade’ due to the fact that it can, say experts, take ten years off your face. Though fraxel lasers have been around for five years, they’ve evolved to become more effective with less downtime and pain.

The latest incarnation, the SmartXide CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser, removes between 20 and 30 per cent of your total skin surface during one 15-minute session, meaning “we can treat almost every skin condition in less time than ever before, with minimal recovery time and pain,” says Olimpia Carmen, head of the laser and skincare department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

A laser makes microscopic holes, penetrating columns of heat deep into skin. This works to get rid of old skin cells, revealing brand-new skin below, so results are immediate. “A single treatment lightens sun damage, lifts fine lines, reduces pore size and tightens skin,” explains Olimpia.

But the results don’t end there. The laser also puts the body’s natural collagen production on fast-forward, so collagen rebuilds and you continue to see results over the next few months. “Because it rebuilds collagen, it’s an ideal treatment for prevention against the future signs of ageing,” says Olimpia. “From age 27, our cell turnover process begins to slow down. To push our skin into collagen remodelling mode, one treatment each year for people aged 27-35 will substantially reverse and prevent the signs of ageing before they form.” Downtime is four days, with redness and swelling for two and peeling for four. This is a very attractive option for those with deep-set wrinkles.

DETAILS Dh4,500 for two sessions, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, call 04-3485575.


Based on cellular regeneration, this is a fusion of a micro-needling procedure called mesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Also known as Cell Therapy, this treatment is aimed at preventing collagen degradation, so is the ideal preventative ageing treatment. It involves having your face injected with your own blood and, as such, is “the most natural means of rejuvenation,” says Dr Juan Tadeo Krogulec, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

The platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your blood and enriched with growth hormones, before being injected into areas of your face. It stimulates growth of fresh cells to heal skin damage, remove pigmentation and treat wrinkles, and is ideal for the 30-something woman.

Results are seen over six weeks and follow-up visits every four to six months are recommended. The beauty of this is it’s natural. There are no synthetic fillers and none of the downtime of peels.

DETAILS Dh3,500 for full face; Dh2,000 for dark circles. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, call 04-3485575.


Stem Cell Therapy is the latest buzz in anti-ageing. The theory goes that stem cells revitalise organs and the skin is an organ.

This treatment combines stem-cell technology – the Max range of products, which contains peptides, stem cells and botanical agents – with microdermabrasion – a hard-core exfoliation treatment – to repair cell damage and offer preventative measures at the cellular level against the effects of ageing.

One session will provide you with a plumped-up appearance, but you’ll need around five 75-minute sessions to really reduce signs of ageing, such as erasing fine lines and tightening skin.

DETAILS Dh600 per session, Eternal Medspa, call 04-3440008.

Best for tackling...pigmentation:


Unlike many of its rivals, this 30-minute chemical peel does not burn off skin, but instead gently treats it at a cellular level, building collagen for continued anti-ageing benefits. This also means less discomfort and downtime. It’s so gentle that it’s the only peel used under the eyes and on the neck, chest and hands, and the only peel suitable for people with dark skin.

After gel-like layers are applied, a prickly sensation lasts a few hours and skin is dry and tight for a few days, before peeling begins on day three. But this isn’t the lizard-like peeling of other peels. “There is minimal peeling and this can easily be disguised with moisturiser,” says licensed medical aesthetician Rebecca Treston.

While the VI Peel lifts, tightens and brightens skin after four days, making it a good pre-party treatment, it also works over time, and if done every few months, it can erase fine lines and shrink enlarged pores. It is most effective at reducing and eventually eliminating hyper pigmentation, including sun spots.

DETAILS Dh1,500, Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, call 04-3945422.

Best for tackling...slack skin:


As you age, collagen starts to break down faster than your body can rebuild it, and most people stop producing collagen in their 30s, meaning skin starts to sag. This treatment uses radiofrequency to stimulate your body’s natural skin-renewing capabilities, tighten existing collagen and form new collagen. So it contracts collagen fibres for immediate lifting, while stimulating collagen production for continued tightening over the next few months.

It’s used to treat loose, sagging and crepey skin and, according to Dermalase operations manager Natasha Bennett, is perfect for sagging jawlines, necks, double chins and hooded eyes. Four to six sessions will give dramatic results that last two years.

“Collagen fibres can take up to six months to repair, so results can be long lasting,” says Natasha. “If started prior to volume loss being apparent, the face will age less rapidly.” A rolling probe emits radiofrequency waves, so skin is heated at dermis level. You feel warmth, but no pain and there’s no downtime.

DETAILS Dh2,000, Dermalase, call 04-3497880.

Best for tackling...wrinkles:

Mesotherapy is all about driving active ingredients deep into skin. Using micro needles (they are so fine, you don’t feel them), this 75-minute procedure injects Cell Fusion C’s revolutionary skincare – it boasts the highest concentration of active ingredients without a prescription – 4mm into the epidermis.

These tiny puncture holes dramatically increase natural collagen levels, so while tightening of skin and relaxation of expression lines is immediate after just one session, five consecutive weekly sessions will really work to blast fine lines and wrinkles, and collagen will continue to flourish, preventing lines from forming. It is especially effective on crow’s feet. The real beauty of this treatment is that there’s no downtime at all.

DETAILS Dh1,299, Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah, call 04-3666818.