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Ways life would be more interesting without clocks

Ashalata Sunder, a UAE-based primary school teacher, tells Friday why life would be more interesting without clocks

  • As told to Khulekani Madlela, Junior Features Writer Friday magazine
  • Published: 13:41 February 13, 2013
  • Friday

Ashalata Sunder
  • Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • You could lose yourself in cyberspace. No one could measure the amount of time you’re spending on Facebook or twitter.

1. You’d use your body’s circadian clock. Imagine sleeping when you’re tired and eating when you’re hungry, not just because it’s, say, 10pm or lunch hour.

2. You would party until you wanted to, not until you’d reached your curfew.

3. We’d be minus one phobia, because no one would suffer from chronomentrophobia.

4. In an exam you’d take your own sweet time to answer questions. It really doesn’t make sense to cram everything you’ve learnt throughout the whole year into a few hours!

5. Because there’d be no clock-in time, employees would arrive and leave at different hours, thus eliminating rush hour traffic.

6. You could get up when you felt like it. Imagine rising when you want to, without worrying about whether you’ll make it in time for that 8am meeting.

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7. You’d never know when anyone would arrive for a dinner party. And to cook the meal you were serving, you’d have to rely on your instincts to decide when it was ready.

8. You could lose yourself in cyberspace. No one could measure the amount of time you’re spending on Facebook or twitter.

9. Hotel lobbies would look much better. Ever noticed how all those clocks displaying time in various cities of the world clutter up spaces? I suggest they invest in art instead.

10. There wouldn’t be any annoying clockwatchers... so no one would expect you to arrive on the dot.

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