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Adults versus kids: Why they can't work as a team

Livea Raheja, Grade 8, The Indian High School, Dubai shares her list of 10 reasons why adults and kids can't work as a team

  • Friday magazine
  • Published: 16:26 January 17, 2013
  • Friday

Livea Raheja
  • Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Livea Raheja, Grade 8, The Indian High School, Dubai.

1. Confidence versus overconfidence: Adults know what’s best for kids and kids believe they know what’s best for themselves.

2. Protectiveness versus freedom: Adults have experience and kids want experience, but adults don’t want kids to experience what they themselves experienced.

3. Power versus opportunity: Adults think they have to be in charge, and kids want a chance to be in charge. Power play!

4. Hare versus tortoise: Adults want to take some time and think it over, and kids want to do it yesterday. Slower, older and wiser battles faster, younger and naive.

5. Preaching versus practising: Adults want to talk and kids want to act. As far as kids are concerned, action speaks louder than words.

6. Ego versus ego: Adults believe respect is just a one-way street. They expect it, but generally don’t reciprocate. And kids? They are no different.

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7. Commitment versus casual: Adults persevere; kids tend to lose steam. Before you know it, the partnership turns into a blame game.

8. Next versus now: Adults think about consequences and the impact actions will have
in the future. Kids believe that the future is now and talk weakens action.

9. Perspective versus passion: Cost, time and energy spent... adults consider everything before even starting on a project and kids believe that these are mere excuses for lack of will.

10. Presumption versus perception: Adults think that they know how to work on a project with kids and kids think they don’t really need the adults on the project.

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