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Astrologer Shelly von Strunckel reveals what’s in the stars for you today

Soaring stock

Residents, tourists have been invited to see, take pictures with the world's largest gold bar display

TAB_170118  Salman Khan

Actor was accused of having an unlicensed weapon and using it during an alleged black buck hunt in 1998

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Other celebrities who will make a cameo appearance include Katie Holmes and Adriana Lima

TAB_170118 Giorgio Armani 6

Designers also opted for a rough look with half-finished accents, big embroidery and some deconstruction

TAB_170118 Ajay Devgn.JPG

The actor promised to meet Shamshad when he visits Jodhpur for a shoot

TAB_170118 Priyanka Chopra2.JPG

The actress was injured while shooting on the sets of the second season of the hit drama series ‘Quantico’

TAB_170118 Red Hot Chili Peppers.JPG

Other performers will include Lana Del Rey and Liam Gallagher

TAB_170118 Shatrughan Sinha.JPG

He started his Bollywood career with Dev Anand’s ‘Prem Pujari’

tab-170118 rishi book.JPG

In his autobiography, actor has revealed some of the unknown aspects of his life