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    Friday Dec 19

    Truths of life in Jane Austen’s words

    Who needs modern self-help gurus when a 19th-century novelist had it all worked out? Fortify yourself with 30 quotes from her novels

  • story 2
    Thursday Nov 6

    Undoing bad habits

    We all have bad habits we would like to get rid of. Life coach Russell Hemmings shares his insights into breaking bad habits

  • story 3
    Thursday Oct 30

    Is the past holding you back?

    Constantly replaying events from the past can put your life on pause. Here's a way to move forward

  • Thursday Oct 16

    Ibn Hanbal: The architect of a school of thought

    The jurist is remembered today for defending the Quran and preserving the sanctity of Islamic beliefs amid intense persecution

  • Thursday Oct 9

    The virtues of lying

    Two scientists discover from a scenario involving 200 virtual individuals that ‘white lies’ build social cohesiveness and help people make up their minds

  • story 6
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Are you living your life on autopilot?

    Are you rushing through your day, stuck in the past or worried about the future? Life coach Russell Hemmings shares his insights into living fully in the present

  • story 7
    Thursday Oct 2

    Nicolas Sarkozy returns to politics

    A Q&A on the controversial former president who says he can’t remain a ‘bystander to the situation France finds itself in’

  • story 8
    Thursday Sep 25

    Blame the brain for teenage craziness

    An overactive amydgala helps explain why adolescents’ feelings of aggression, fear and depression may be more intense than those of adults

  • story 9
    Wednesday Sep 24

    Motivation bypass? How to re-energise yourself for life

    Do you feel demotivated and devoid of energy to face the day? Build up some will power, says life coach Russell Hemmings

  • Thursday Sep 18

    Unifying force in Islamic jurisprudence

    Al Shafi‘i, one of the four foremost legal theorists, reconciled the different schools of hadith and fiqh, leading to institutions accepted by all Muslims

  • story 11
    Monday Sep 15

    A shabby-chic Arabian Ranches villa

    This Arabian Ranches abode is filled 
with family heirlooms and myriad treasures

  • story 12
    Thursday Sep 11

    A truly global language

    The ubiquitous emoji has come a long way from its origins as a cute footnote to text messages. But what will we lose in translation?

  • story 13
    Tuesday Aug 26

    Simple tips for cleaning your kids’ sports gear

    Good Housekeeping contributing editor Heloise says “it just takes a little extra effort, along with some tricks” to deal with the stinky, dirty jerseys of children

  • story 14
    Saturday Aug 23

    Day-planning apps to healthier lifestyle

    Designed by game developers, they encourage people to incorporate activities such as meditation and spending time with friends and family into their day

  • story 15
    Saturday Aug 23

    How to get your inbox to zero

    E-mail should be a tool to help you — not a tyrant whose every whim requires a response

  • Thursday Aug 14

    Slang that’s new. Not!

    The ‘recency illusion’ makes us believe words and phrases we have just noticed in usage are actually new. But this is not always the case

  • story 17
    Thursday Aug 14

    A solution that sticks

    Scientists are trying to learn more about how frogs snag all kinds of prey, so they can put the principles to work in products for people

  • story 18
    Tuesday Aug 12

    Robin Williams: How to recognise suicide signs, where to get help

    Experts encourage friends to stay alert to any warning signs of depression

  • story 19
    Saturday Aug 9

    Cake Boss to bring his bakery to UAE

    Reality star Buddy Valastro talks cake-making secrets ahead of his show in Abu Dhabi

  • Thursday Aug 7

    Craft is a ‘part of everyday life’

    Yelena Baturina, Russia’s richest businesswoman, is giving handmade products a global platform

  • story 21
    Wednesday Aug 6

    Beauty and the Beast coming to Abu Dhabi

    Broadway classic’s first international tour kicks off with spectacular show in capital, tickets start from Dh150

  • story 22
    Thursday Jul 31

    Knowing languages: the more the merrier

    Though my dad spoke Farsi, I didn’t learn it at home — but this 
didn’t stop me exploring the fascinating world of language

  • story 23
    Wednesday Jul 30

    Bumblefoot, POV to rock Dubai

    GN’R guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal to share the stage with local band Point Of View; will launch Middle East’s first outlet of American chain Classic Rock Coffee and also introduce his line of hot sauces

  • story 24
    Thursday Jul 24

    What happens when you’re inside a plane

    Understanding everything — from why food tastes bland on an aircraft to how, despite technology, flight MH370 vanished without a trace

  • story 25
    Thursday Jul 3

    Life of working mums

    Research shows women feel better if they have a job away from children

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