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  • Saturday Apr 21

    Gigaset colours up your mood

    Gigaset, the German devices manufacturer, has launched the A510, which hopes to make using the home phone a bit more fun

  • story 2
    Saturday Apr 21

    Get the big picture

    TVs are not TVs anymore, they open up a whole new dimension of entertainment. There are plasma screens, LCDs, LCDs with LED, WiFi, HD, internet connectivity ... the list goes on. But amid all this jargon and marketing gimmicks, make sure you don't miss out on what you truly want

  • story 3
    Saturday Apr 21

    Gadget of the week: PC perfect

    The all-in one HP Omni's 27-inch screen and cool additions make it a dream for those with long hours of multimedia work

  • story 4
    Saturday Apr 21

    Gadget review: Scan it on the go

    The Canon P215 is a very efficient solution to many of our scanning problems


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