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Vilma Santos to make indie movie

Actress says she wants to explore new horizons

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Vilma Santos

The actress they call “The Star for All Seasons” is not easily swayed by hype or competition. In showbiz, as in politics, Vilma Santos would rather do things her way, she tells tabloid!.


You’re finally doing your first independent film. Were you inspired by the success of Nora Aunor’s “Thy Womb”?

I heard the film has done well in the international film festivals circuit and I am very happy for Nora. My own foray into doing indie has long been delayed. There were discussions even before, so it’s not necessarily inspired by that — don’t get me wrong, I don’t want people to speculate again. I don’t mean to imply anything. My rivalry with Nora is a thing of the past, we are friends even before and remain friends now.


So how does it feel working on your first indie film?

I’m scared, and I honestly told my producer this. It’s a new experience for me, and as an artist you always explore new horizons, take risks.


What convinced you finally to do this?

As I said, I’ve been offered to do an indie film before but the material was, let’s just say, something I have already done before. This one is something new for me and it’s about the showbiz industry so I am really excited about it. It’s different from anything I have done in the past, so something to look forward for me and also, hopefully, the viewing public.


Did you really get an offer from Brillante Mendoza to appear in a film along with Nora Aunor and Coco Martin?

Yes, I did; and I was open to doing it. He said he will send me a script, but I haven’t received anything yet. Then some news came out saying I refused to star in a film with Nora. That’s not true, and it’s totally unfair. I’d be the first person on the set or the production meeting if the script is okay.


The producers have high hopes the film will make it to Cannes… and beyond. Your thoughts?

I share their dream and passion for this movie. It’s also one of the reasons why I said yes to this project. Their passion is very contagious, and I do hope we make it to Cannes; not for anything else, but I think it will be another proud moment for the country. It’s always fulfilling as an artist to have your work recognised internationally, and to be able to help promote Filipino films abroad, it a different kind of accomplishment.