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The trouble with Ashton Kutcher

Shameless endorsements, rash tweets (followed by snidey 'apologies'), and ill-advised internet rants about 'honesty' - how Ashton Kutcher pouted his way into everyone's bad books...

Ashton Kutcher
Image Credit: Getty Images
After becoming the first person to reach one million followers on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher has now admitted that he would no longer be tweeting from his own account.

Once the poster boy for the internet generation, thanks to his seemingly carefree and irreverent approach to life, willingness to share personal moments with his eight million followers on Twitter and heavy investment in teen-targeted tech companies, Ashton Kutcher's charmed existence couldn't have taken more of a battering of late.

Following his alleged affair with Sara Leal - which he has yet to deny - and the 33-year-old's poorly received tweets concerning Pennsylvania State University's child abuse scandal, the model-turned-mogul has now been slammed for featuring a clutch of his own internet companies in last month's Details magazine when he sat in as guest editor - leading Assistant Federal Trade Commission director, Richard Cleland, to insist, "It's certainly a possibility that a case like this could be investigated. If you're out there promoting individual products that you have a specific investment in, it needs to be disclosed..."

With Hollywood-watchers wondering exactly what it is that Ashton stands for when it comes to his career, the star's response to the Penn State controversy appears to show a man who believes he is above criticism, whilst his shameless plugging of his own products in Details seems straight out of the Kardashian handbook of unscrupulous self-promotion.

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