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Shock letter for Jiah Khan's family after Bollywood actress suicide

Police await medical reports to ascertain if she had undergone abortion

  • File photo of Indian Bollywood actress Jiah Khan taken on June 29, 2012. Image Credit: AFP
  • Indian actor Suraj Pancholi attends the funeral of Indian Bollywood actress Jiah Khan in Mumbai on June 5, 201Image Credit: AFP
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Mumbai: Mumbai police on Tuesday said they are awaiting medical reports of actress Jiah Khan to ascertain if she had undergone an abortion or been assaulted by her boyfriend, actor Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj, as alleged in a letter found three days after she committed suicide.

The six-page letter was given to police by Khan’s mother, and a Mumbai police officer said they had identified the hospital where the actress had been treated and were awaiting the medical reports to take the case further.

“It is there in the suicide note, but until the time it is not corroborated, we can’t do anything. We are waiting for the hospital report where she was treated,” the officer, who did not want to be identified, told reporters.

The medial reports will also prove whether or not she had been assaulted, he added.

He also said the case was in a preliminary stage at the moment and that police were investigating. Speaking of the letter, he said it must be considered as evidence as Khan’s mother is adamant it is her daughter’s handwriting.

“If the mother said that it is hers [Khan’s], then we must believe in that... she has seen from childhood how her handwriting is. Of course, we are sending it to handwriting experts too,” he said.

Police are also trying to access the actress’ mobile phone to check her messages. They have tried many passwords provided by Khan’s mother and sisters, but none have worked, so they will send it to experts.

The mother also wrote in a statement to police that Khan and Suraj had been in a live-in relationship for a year, the officer said.

Suraj, who was arrested on Monday night, will be in police custody until June 13. The arrest came two days after Khan’s family handed the letter to police.



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sorry for sad demise this incident should not happen in future


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