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Review: Thuppakki is a racy entertainer

It’s an out-and-out Vijay show

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Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal inThuppakki.

Captain Jagdish (Vijay) from the Indian Army is on a vacation in Mumbai where his parents and two sisters live. During this break, Jagdish, who is a part of the defence intelligence, stumbles upon a plan hatched by a terrorist group to trigger a series of bomb blasts in the city. His aim now is to destroy the kingpin of this group, but before that he kills the sleeper cells (those secret agents who lead a normal life without raising any suspicion in society) of this group thereby thwarting the serial bomb blasts. He ropes in his batch-mates, risks his sister’s life and eventually embarks on a suicide mission to hunt the terrorist leader, played by Vidyut Jamwal. In this endeavour, he also exposes government officials who are hand in glove with the terrorists.

As any Vijay fan would have guessed by now, Captain Jagdish achieves this through a maze of bullets with great elan.

Not to forget the breaks he takes in between to romance Nisha (Kajal Agarwal), whom he had earlier rejected at a traditional boy-girl meeting arranged by family. And he often raises this question: “Why are we people so scared of risking our lives when thousands of terrorists are ready to die in order to kill innocent lives. Why can’t we risk our life to save these innocent lives?”

This is an out-and-out Vijay flick and the actor with his well-toned body carries the film on his shoulders. Jamwal delivers a brilliant performance with his quiet demeanour, letting his menacing eyes do the talking — a great talent. Santosh Sivan has showcased Mumbai beautifully, even slum. Harris Jeyaraj’s music adds to this visual treat especially the number, ‘Google, Goolge,’ sung by Vijay. While Agarwal matches Vijay’s dancing prowess, there are scenes where she could have worked on getting the emotions right. Malayalam actor Jayaram is wasted in his role as Vijay’s senior. There are moments where you need to suspend belief like Vijay’s fight sequences, (don’t question logic here) and the impromptu jigs.

Dedicating this film to the Indian soldiers and their families, director Murugadoss pushes viewers into giving some thought to these unsung heroes who work under perilous situations so that the country can sleep in peace. Racy and entertaining, Thuppakki is worth a watch.