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Buffi 'heartbroken' over Project elimination

Dubai designer will miss her co-stars, but achieved what she set out to do

Fashion designer Buffi Jashanmal
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Fashion designer Buffi Jashanmal.

Thursday night saw Dubai’s very own Buffi Jashanmal, an aspiring designer, cut from US fashion reality TV series Project Runway after her zebra-print dress didn’t find any fans among the judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum. With her colourful style and character, the New-York-based designer has made a name for herself in the US, despite being eliminated in the fourth episode of series 10. Jashanmal, in an email interview with tabloid!, says that was her aim all along,


Q.How do you feel about your elimination? Did you expect it?

A. I was heartbroken, but mainly [because] I had to say goodbye to everyone. I went into Project Runway [and] wanted to be ME as a designer. I know that I do not fit the conventional mould of the judges, so I was there to show the audience (my potential clients) my style more than anything and I think I achieved that. I think had Kooan and Andrea been in the competition, I would have survived another two weeks, so I think I went out too early.


Q. Are you happy about the way your stint ended? What would you have changed?

A. I wouldn’t change a thing. I was 100 per cent true to myself. The time factor was a challenge for me... but I did the best I personally could. I’m really happy with how I went out, I think I was true to myself, and to me, that is the most important thing.


Q.What do you think you have gotten out of participating in the show?

A. I have a huge following of unique people who appreciate fun designs and being individual. My book is coming out at the end of next year, and I am glad I was able to share that, it was a great platform and I am so grateful for that experience, and to have even been in the same room as all the other designers. They were all so talented and the designers remaining deserve to be there so much, they are so, so talented.


Q. Will you remain in touch with any of your fellow competitors or the judges?

A. Yeah, me and the designers especially Chris, Fabio, Kooan, Gunnar, Dymitry, Raul are all very close, and I have made friends for life.


Q. What’s next for your in your career as a designer?

A. I have a book coming out on dressmaking next year, with Storey publishing that, I have been working on [it] for the last year. I am making one-off performance pieces for NY artist Cherie Lily and burlesque dancer Angie Pontani, and model Plastic Martyr. I have found a great client base directly from the show. The show has already opened a lot of exciting doors!


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