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Awra Briguela

Young talents AC Bonifacio, Alonzo Muhlach, Lyca Gairanod and others to ‘face’ their biggest challenge

Love to last

The new series tells the story of family and how love isn’t always what it seems to be


TAB_170121 Robert Redford

The news media world has shrunk into more of a sound bite world, actor says

TAB_170121 Hacksaw Ridge 1.JPG

Actor plays American army medic Desmond Doss in the Mel Gibson-directed movie

Desi News

TAB_170121 Shah Rukh Khan

Original of both movies with Bollywood superstar were released in 2006

TAB_170121Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel.JPG

Actress explains why Indians love dancing so much

TAB_170121 Rahul Dholakia

Movie releases on the same day as Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’


Its video, shot in Lucknow, depicts the love story of a small-town couple