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Tab 170505 spot jadine_AKK-29

Great visual effects, well sung songs and carefully selected outfits wins fans over

Jadine 7

Popular couple said they are looking forward to another unforgettable show


Ariana Grande

The singer had not been seen publicly since an explosion ripped through the packed Manchester Arena at the end of her performance there

Guns N' Roses

A number of music acts with upcoming summer gigs in Europe said on Tuesday they won’t change their plans

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Thondan Movie Stills (14)

Director interacted with emergency hotline workers for the movie

Godha (2)

Thomas Tovino plays the lead role of Anjaneya Das

Godha 4 (1024x683)

The actor talks about his budding career and all the prep he put into developing his latest wrestler character


The Punjabi actress talks about her Malayalam debut