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'30 Rock' heroine Liz Lemon to wed this month

The perennial bridesmaid played by Tina Fey will wed on the “30 Rock” episode that airs Nov. 29

  • James Marsden as Criss (right) and Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in a scene from 30Rock. The characters will wed on Image Credit: AP
  • This image released by NBC shows a mock save-the-date announcement for fictional characters Liz Lemon and CrisImage Credit: AP
Tabloid on Saturday

NBC says Liz Lemon, the harried heroine of "30 Rock," will soon be getting married.

The network said Thursday the perennial bridesmaid played by Tina Fey will wed on the "30 Rock" episode that airs Nov. 29.

Who's the lucky groom? He's Criss Chros, played by guest star James Marsden. Criss, who arrived on the scene last season, is a would-be entrepreneur with a bright smile and a dim wit.

"30 Rock" is the saga of Lemon, the overextended producer of a fictitious comedy series. She is surrounded by comrades like company boss Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin, and her boisterously unhinged star Tracy Jordan, played by Tracy Morgan.

"30 Rock" will conclude its seven-season run early next year.