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Dress circle: Bold and bizarre

Despite having one of the most recognisable family names in the UAE, Buffi Jashanmal wants to design her own identity.

  • By Vikram Singh Barhat, Leisure Reporter
  • Published: 11:38 December 27, 2007

  • Image Credit: XPRESS/Randi Sokoloff
  • Buffi’s penchant for the peculiar finds expression in everything she does.
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She is all about walking on the wild side. Despite having one of the most reputed family names in the UAE, 27-year-old Dubai-based fashion designer, Buffi Jashanmal, wants to design her own identity.

Her clothes are not for everyone, she quips. "Dubai lacks funky, individual, one-of-a-kind clothes. It's all either high street or designer labels. My target segment falls in the age-group between 18 to late 30s… those who are edgy and experimental. They're not for everyone and I don't want them to be. You have to be brave to wear them… a bit daring, because I think fashion here is a bit boring."

Talking about her style, she says, "I like bright colours, and do contrast stitching. You know butterfly tops, twisted at the back? Very colourful! My clothes are about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously."

Buffi's penchant for the peculiar finds expression in everything she does. She sports a blue and purple asymmetrical hair style – and a Monroe stud above the upper lip. Once you bear that in mind, the name of her label – Quiet Riot Paper Dolls – doesn't sound that bizarre.

"I spent a lot of time going over names that suited me. My old label ‘Another New Designer' was discarded because it wasn't fun. I am into cutting papers and making things out of it. My clothes are like paper dolls. So I brought the two together and Quiet Riot just kind of went with it."

One look at her collection and you know what she means by daring. From colour to cut, everything is over the top dare-to-wear funky. Ditto for the accessories. The ‘Kinky Pinstripe Armband' does prove the rule. She insists she is not limiting to women's wear. "I want to do menswear because it may be quite funky. I have loads of male friends who ask me to design things for them."

Buffi, who grew up in the UAE until age 10, went to a boarding school in the UK to study fashion.

Buffi bytes:

  • Buffi's great granddad started the chain of Jashanmal stores
  • She has been asking her friends to wear her clothes in order to get a little hype
  • Next year, she plans to bring out her first collection line during the Dubai International Fashion Week

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