Experience the silence, except for the birds chirping, the sound of the sea and leaves crushing under your feet

Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman

We try a quick getaway from the megacity and ended up on a budget stay in Ajman



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The TV show has brought an estimated £148m into their economy since 2010


Dubai Garden GLow Campaign 2

Dubai Municipality tells Gulf News why it wants people to spend more time in Dubai Garden Glow


Public can now see what the simmering crater of an active volcano looks like with Google Street View

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Copy of Travel_Miami_Faena_District_54059.jpg-6dd62

A $1b project 3.2km north of South Beach, on a narrow strip of land between a waterway and the ocean, has transformed the landscape

Copy of Travel_Appalachian_Resorts_22877.jpg-59e6f

Adirondack-style lodges and miles of scenic hiking trails for laid-back getaways in the off-season can cost as little as $50