TAB_170121 Jason Momoa in Frontier2.JPG

Sexism aside, the show is an enjoyable representative of the genre if you can embrace its ambiguity

TAB_170121 House of Cards.JPG

Hit TV show’s Twitter account posted a video featuring an upside-down US flag in front of the US Capitol


TAB_170121 Martin Scorsese

Although movie is set in Japan and tells the story of 17th century Christian missionaries at a time when Christianity was outlawed, it was filmed entirely in Taiwan

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Move comes after release of video that appears to show a frightened dog being forced into churning water during production of the film

Other news

TAB_170112 Jamie Foxx

Tteams of two compete against the clock and other contestants to identify hit songs

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Here’s our round-up of the best of what went viral this year



Nintendo fails to impress at reveal event for new console

league of legends

The phenomenon has even spawned a popular meme that humorously ascribes the phrase to Einstein


Project Valerie

Here’s our roundup of the coolest consumer tech news from the show

fitness band

From self-walking shoes to full-body Airblades, here’s a wishlist of products one would love to see this year