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The internet slang words include BFF, fitspo, delish, FOMO, hangry, kween, smize, TFW, turnt, werk, yas — as well as bae and bestie


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Yasalam’s Get Driver Fit programme in Abu Dhabi is seven weeks of free fitness and fun

tab Lady Gaga Toronto3

Singer’s debilitating chronic pain was the reason behind the cancellation of her European tour — but the mysterious condition is not easy to explain


Vegan pancakes

Wholesome breakfasts don’t have to involve eggs and milk. Here's why

Healthy breakfasts from around the world for web

Be it traditional or innovative fare, the UAE offers amazing breakfast options across cultures



Impress your loved one with an in-person performance of a love song through a private car service


Picking the right dress for your special day can be a daunting task. Here's what the experts advise