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Review: Vijay Sethupathi plays a hero in Rekka

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  • Language:  

  • Run Time:  

    141 mins
  • Director:  

    Rathina Shiva
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  • Cast:  

    Kishore Kumar G.
    Sathish Krishnan
    Lakshmi Menon
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If Tamil actors Vijay and Surya and many others can play superheroes, why not Vijay Sethupathi?

Tamil film Rekka, directed by newcomer Rathnasiva, brings out this side of the versatile actor, who has won hearts by his portrayal of the ordinary man.

Sethupathi plays Siva, from Kumbakonam, whose main job appears to be uniting lovers, even if it means abducting the bride from the wedding mandapam.

When his path crosses that of David (Harish Uthaman), a much-feared thug, Siva is left with no option but to abduct Bharti (Lakshmi Menon), the daughter of a gang leader from Madurai.

‘Not again,’ I hear you say.

Be prepared for Siva’s larger-than-life character who sends goons flying with a flick of his hand, all the while holding Bharti’s hand. As for Bharti, she is the loosu ponnu (dumb girl) and Menon plays it to the hilt.

What woman would walk off with a stranger on her first meeting with him? When Bharti conveys this to her mother, her mother tells her to say goodbye to her grandmother before she leaves.

How much more preposterous can this get?

The flashback story does little to move my heart. The good moments, however, are the scenes between Siva and his father, played wonderfully by director K. S. Ravikumar.

I feel sorry for a wonderful performer like Kishore wasted in the role of Selva, and it’s time Uthaman looked for a change from his villain roles. He is another actor who can do better than play the growling antagonist.

Rekka lacks logic but then Sethupathi’s fans are not going to complain.