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Film review: ‘Kozhi Koovuthu’

Tamil film scores with its good acting

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Poor boy falls in love with a rich girl: a story that has been done to death... and yet the cliched tale in ‘Kozhi Koovathu,’ will appeals due to its easy narration and commendable acting.

Kumaresan makes a living by selling poultry, and conning his people by painting his sick chickens to look like those of a good breed. One of his customers is Thulasi, the only daughter of a wealthy and much respected man from a neighbouring village. Love blossoms between the two.

Yes, you guessed it right. There is a villain who comes in the way of this true love. In this case, it is not the girl’s father but her paternal uncle who pays someone to kill Kumaresan. He then arranges Thulasi’s marriage without her consent.

Old wine in a new bottle? Yes, to some extent. Yet, debutant director K.I. Ranjith holds viewers’ attention with his neat presentation. Newcomer Ashok in the role of a rustic Kumaresan comes out with flying colours. Ashok shows great potential as a performer.

Brilliant acting by Bose Venkat as Thulasi’s arrogant uncle who shows nothing but contempt for the poor. Rohini plays Kumaresan’s mother and is a natural. Malayali actor Shija Rose leaves a mark on her debut in the Tamil industry. The rural backdrop of the story showcases good camera work by A. Jayaprakash. And long after you have left the hall, the film’s music, scored by E.S. Ramraj, is still following you as you hum to yourself, especially the song, ‘Saara Pamba Pola.’