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Because none of us can’t keep up with the many awards, here are the events keeping statue assembly line elves working long into the nights

TAB-161203  Frank Marshal

Oscar-nominated producer has, along with the director, gave the world ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Back to the Future’

tab_ The Hero _Sundance Film Festival

Sixty-six narrative and documentary films selected for the US Competition, the World Competition and NEXT section, which highlights works from new directors

Movie Reviews

tab_Befikre 25

The lead pair’s decision to hook up, make up, then hook up again is as old as the green hills in France — where the film was shot — and the twists are painfully predictable

Bad santa 2

Billy Bob Thornton returns in a belated sequel that wrings occasional snickers from a patchy script

TAB_1161203 Man Down.JPG

Non-linear story about American veterans’ mental health needs has a strong message but it waits too long to say it