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Movie News

Kingsman 2

The 20th Century Fox release opened with a weekend-leading $39 million debut

Blade Runner 2049

The upcoming sci-fi sequel picks up 30 years after Ridley Scott’s cult classic 1982 film

tab Matt Damon

Actor will star as John R. Brinkley, a real-life 20th century doctor who conned his patients into thinking that he had discovered the cure to impotence

Movie Reviews


The lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous scenes could be great and even revealing if balanced with deeper insight into the lady behind the fame


The makers should beg their viewers for forgiveness for subjecting them to a film that delves into a grim subject like gang rape and reducing it to a mindless entertainer


Jolie proves herself as a master filmmaker once again with this one

Leisure News

Filet Oscar style

Give your steak a decadent twist with this easy Filet Oscar style recipe


Try this no-fail cheesecake recipe and impress your family or friends