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Net gain: Internet jargon you need to know

If you've ever been left wondering what everyone was LOLing about when it came to your Epic Fail after you got totally Rickrolled, then let Liam Nelson guide you through the internet speak

  • Lame book takes the very best of the very worst behaviour on FB, and puts it all in one place for your amusemeImage Credit: Supplied picture
  • For cutting sarcasm with a blend of good old common sense, be warned, Regretsy might steal your entire afternoImage Credit: Supplied picture

Crappy Crafts

Log on for A merciless culling of the most misguided and cringe-worthy offerings on the popular DIY marketplace, For cutting sarcasm with a blend of good old common sense, be warned, Regretsy might steal your entire afternoon or evening.
Favourite categories Art, Regretsy Math, Dirty Hippies, Top Ten

Words fail

Log on for To err is human, but screwing up so badly that your handywork ends up on Failblog is, well, an Epic Fail. That is, unless you're one of the lucky winners to be included on the site, which isn't strictly about negativity. If after reading this, you still have no idea what this hilarious website is all about, five minutes of browsing will have you LOLZing and ROLFing, for sure.
What to say Fail, Win, Epic Fail, Epic Win, IRL, LOLZ
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Uggo; Aisle 14

Log on for The most concise visual illustration of how not to dress and/or behave in public, ever assembled. Be warned; many denizens of Walmart seem to have trouble keeping their well-fed bellies and other unsavoury bits covered up.
What to say FCOL, OKW/E, ONOZ, 1D10T
Favourite categories The site is tagged geographically; we recommend Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and California in particular.


Log on for Everyone goes through an awkward phase at some point; acne in your teens, an unfortunate hairstyle in your twenties, whimsical facial hair during, well, ever. AFP captures those special moments when an entire family seem to be suffering from a collective period of awkwardness. And like a train wreck, once you start you'll have trouble looking away.
What to say OPK, UGGO, ROFL, MLIA
Favourite categories 80's, matchy-matchy, props

The lameness

Log on for Whether you enjoy using Facebook, hate social networking with a passion, or just can't understand why no one comments on your Myspace page any more; lame book takes the very best of the very worst behaviour on FB, and puts it all in one place for your amusement.
What to say FTW, Rickrolling, Woot, BRB, IKR, JK, PWN, FB, n00b, TLDR
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Guide to internet speak

  • Woot: "Hurrah (Wow, Loot!) or Want one of those"
  • Rickroll: A bait and switch internet prank in which the target is unknowingly directed to some version of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."
  • FTW "For the win"
  • MLIA "My life is average"
  • ROFL "Rolling on the floor laughing"
  • UGGO An ugly person.
  • Usage I don't know what thing on Lady Gaga's head is, but it's made an Uggo of her.
  • OPK "Other people's kids"
  • Usage What is it with OPK? If Beiber were my kid he wouldn't grab himself.
  • ONOZ "Oh no"
  • OKW/E "OK, whatever"
  • FCOL "For crying out loud"
  • BRB: "Be right back"
  • LOLZ "Laugh out loud"
  • Usage S. Darko is the worst movie of the year, LOLZ.
  • IRL "In real life"
  • Epic Win A win on a grand scale.
  • Epic Fail A fail on a grand scale.
  • Usage Charlie Sheen's stage show? Epic Fail.
  • Win The antonym of Fail.
  • YGG "You go girl"
  • YDI "You deserve it"
  • IIWII "It is what it is"
  • IABW "In a bad way"
  • Usage Zac Effron needs to shave that facial hair IABW.
  • TBSS "Too bad, so sad"
  • IKR: "I know, right?"
  • JK "Just Kidding"
  • FB Facebook
  • N00b Newbie, an uninitiated person.
  • TLDR Too long; didn't read
  • Usage "Did you see my article about grain elevators?" "Sorry, TLDR."
  • Troll An anonymous person who stirs up trouble on the internet.
  • Meme An idea that, like a gene, can replicate and evolve, mutating across the interwebs.