Games 14RH

Annual event dedicated to video game lovers will now be organised by people behind MEFCC

Let the games begin

Previously tilted #Games, it has been rebranded under the title Middle East Games Convention


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Optional leather backs and manual camera controls are two ways LG is seeking to distinguish its new G4 phone

Copy of 2014-09-09T195410Z_930596925_TM3EA9917LF01_RTRMADP_3_APPLE-IPHONE

Cheapest model lacks hard sapphire screen and relies on hardened glass similar to smartphones


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Seismologist has become a prominent figure for making the science accessible to the public


Kenny and Daisy from the Radio 2 Breakfast Show preview what’s in UAE cinemas


TAB_150527 Sandra Lee1

Food Network star discharged following a double mastectomy

tab_150524 John Stamos

Stamos tweeted his disappointment upon hearing that the Olsen twins would not be joining the ‘Full House’ reboot project