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Fitness focus: Skiptrix

Used to play jump rope at school and think you’re pretty good? You ain’t seen nothing yet, says Louisa Wilkins

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Burn as much as 800 calories in one hour Skiptrix class.

What is it?
Skiptrix is like a cross between skipping and the hardest dance aerobics class. It’s hot, it’s sweaty and it burns 800 calories in an hour. It’s also fun, physically challenging and mentally engaging – which makes it a bit different from the other switch-your-brain-off-and-go exercise classes and a whole lot better than the dullsville treadmill.

What happens?
The class is done to music. You warm up with some basic skipping to remind your brain how to coordinate eyes, hands and feet. The basic skipping style is one where you jump once for every revolution of the rope (no mini-hop in between... that’s just for wimps) and you skip your feet like a boxer. Once everyone is happy with their skipping, the instructor introduces the first trick.

Trick Number One: to jump with both feet wide apart, and then with one foot ahead of you and the other behind. It sounds simple, but when coordinating this with the other skip-hops, the rope swinging and getting the timing bang on, it’s pretty hard. But don’t worry, nobody gets it right at first. The difficulty of the tricks escalates. It’s fun and frustrating, but it’s a very good workout. Not only do your muscles get a brilliant burn, but you’ll find yourself breathless, praying for the music to stop.

What are the results?
Well, 800 calories in one hour isn’t to be sniffed at – if you went regularly, this class would undoubtedly have an impact. Not just that, but you’ll be super proud of your new skipping skills – and so you should be. And best of all, your kids will be really impressed.