The Meydan Hotel's best kept dining secret

For those who think The Meydan Hotel is only open to the public during the Dubai World Cup, think again

Farriers restaurant at The Meydan Hotel
Image Credit: Supplied
Farriers restaurant at The Meydan Hotel.

Dubai: "I used to think The Meydan Hotel was only open during the Dubai World Cup," I told my dining companion as we stepped into its signature outlet, Farriers. 

The restaurant is one of four at the five-star hotel, with a terrace offering great views overlooking the race tracks. It's as close as I want to get to the Dubai World Cup vibe without having to wear a ridiculously ostentatious hat.

Friday brunch here is a secret delight, with a huge buffet spread that literally spreads out to the lobby and the terrace. There are live cooking stations and a great mix of Middle Eastern, Asian, International and Continental cuisines. Plus, there's a live band dishing out a Postmodern Jukebox ensemble to add to the happy vibe.

For June, the hotel has put up a beautiful, white Ramadan tent where people can enjoy iftar with live oud and tabla performances. 

The tent at The Meydan Hotel

The iftar spread is just as elaborate and combines specialties from the hotel's restaurants along with traditional Arabic fare. 

There's something here for everyone and every taste bud. I enjoyed the delicious lamb ouzi after finishing a platter of sushi. I also helped myself to dimsum and some roasts. I finished with a selection of Arabic sweets, including a delightful bowl of um ali and a heavenly slice of creamy cheesecake that got me thinking of horses and yes, even ridiculously ostentatious hats.

The details

What: Ramadan at The Meydan Hotel
Where: The Meydan Hotel, Dubai
Price: Dh190 per person
Timings: Sunset until 9pm
Telephone: 04 3813333