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Brunch Review: La Parrilla

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Restaurant Review: Brunch Review: La Parrilla

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    Latin American
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    395 Dhs
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    Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Fri 12.30pm-4pm

Phone number:
04 432 3232

As we rode the elevator up to the 25th floor of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, we were met with floor to ceiling windows just outside of the restaurant. Inside was no different. The space is flooded with sunlight. Moreover, La Parrilla is one of the only time I’ve ever seen that people had arrived early and lined up outside until the doors opened.

As we stepped inside, we were greeted by the dancers and the smiling staff, who were ready with welcome beverages, made of traditional Peruvian and Argentinian ingredients. The views at La Parrilla are stunning to say the least. Most tables had the Burj Al Arab in their eye line, while other tables faced the city, which was interesting to see during the daytime.

This brunch was a set menu that started off with Huevos Estrellados, scrambled eggs with white cheddar cheese. I was happy to kick the meal off with some actually breakfast food, rather than tackle a steak so early in the day. We enjoyed the eggs with some delicious Pao de Queijo, doughy and delicious cheese bread balls.


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Our next course consisted of grilled Portobello mushrooms in a fresh chimichurri sauce, cheese arepa topped with guacamole and a warm and fluffy selection of empanadas. The stand out dish to me were the mushrooms, which were so flavourful and meaty in texture.

The main course included a selection of sizzling meats, such as beef, lamb, chicken, luxurious seafood, which we grilled ourselves on the hot stone. The meats were served with a side of truffle mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and plantains in cinnamon cream.

The live dancing was entertaining yet slightly intrusive. I personally have never been a fan of being pulled up on stage to dance while I’m trying to eat. The La Parrilla brunch also features a Ceviche bar, which I missed, but wish I hadn’t, since I am a huge fan of raw starters.  

We ended our meal with a selection of fruit and a Dessert platter with a rich selection of desserts, including cheese cake, white chocolate and raspberry cakes as well as some chocolate cakes with salted caramel.

La Parrilla feels like a very luxurious place to have brunch. The food quality is superb and the views and decoration give it a very high end vibe. The brunch was buzzing. Every single table was full, which is a testament to just how good it is.

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