Other recipes

Mushroom and beef bacon gnocchi

This creamy dish is difficult to resist... bite after bite

Vegetable sandwich

Here’s an extra light sandwich that you can put together at home

Shrimp and sausage linguini

This Italian dish combines the flavours of the sea and the land with shrimps and sausage


Gulab Jamun ki sabzi

This favourite Indian dish is enhanced with a rich-flavoured gravy

Sponge cake

This delicious sponge cake is easy to whip up for any occasion

Hazelnut and pear loaf

This tea-time treat is perfect when served warm


TrumpGolfCourse (9)

The largely Italian menu wouldn’t disappoint after a hard day on the course

Fagotelli Carbonara, Social by Heinz Beck

If you visit Social by Heinz Beck this Dubai Restaurant Week you get a lot more than you pay for

InkedTeteATete (1)

We find out what it’s like to eat on Valentine’s Day with your own reflection and someone else’s disembodied voice