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Jodie Foster is grateful to Mel Gibson

She's grateful for the performance by Mel Gibson in the movie 'The Beaver'

Jodie Foster
Image Credit: Rex Features
Jodie Foster
Tabloid on Saturday

Jodie Foster premiered the quirky but dark movie The Beaver at the South by Southwest Film Festival, saying she's grateful for the performance by troubled actor and friend Mel Gibson.

The film follows a depressed toy-company executive who picks up a hand-puppet beaver and uses it to separate himself from the negative aspects of his personality that are destroying his family and career. Foster directed the film in which she plays Gibson's wife.

Gibson was recently sentenced to 36 months of probation and ordered to attend 52 weeks of domestic-violence counselling after pleading no contest to a charge of spousal battery. He did not attend the recent premiere in Austin, Texas. Foster says Gibson has a deep, struggling soul and perfectly understood his role in the film.