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Qataris see US ploy in leaked diplomatic reports

'The idea of the so-called leaks is to further intensify tension between Iran and the GCC'

  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief
  • Published: 11:18 November 30, 2010

Manama: Qataris believe that the leaking of the US diplomatic reports is part of a ploy to exacerbate tension between Iran and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a Qatari daily reported.

"It is all deliberate. We can clearly see through the ploy," Dr Mozah Al Malki, a Qatari psychologist, said. "The idea of the so-called leaks is to further intensify tension between Iran and the GCC,” she said, quoted by the Peninsula on Tuesday.

According to the daily, "The so-called expose by the much-touted whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks involving Iran and three GCC states do not have many takers in Qatar."

People suspect that the US could be behind the so-called large-scale leakage of its "classified" diplomatic communication with some sinister motive.

While it is apparent that Tehran is the main target of these "well-thought-out and conspiratorial" disclosures, three GCC entities known not to have cordial relations with Iran have been dragged into the controversy, Qataris said.

"These obvious entities are Saudi Arabia, which has strained relations with Tehran for a long time, Abu Dhabi, which is involved in a tug-of-war with Iran over the three islands issue, and Bahrain where Tehran is privately blamed for backing Shiites."

Al Malki said that since Iranians are present in large numbers in Saudi Arabia and other GCC states, Iran would never attack the Gulf region.

"What lends more credence to public suspicion about the 'leak drama' is the fact that Egypt where the US has been openly 'screaming' against corruption, is out of the entire 'expose episode'," the daily reported, quoting unnamed Qataris.

"And the fact that the US administration, including the US Embassy in Doha, has instantly and sharply reacted to the entire drama to convince people around the world that the leaks are genuine, creates more suspicion of the whole thing being fake," the paper said.

"How can you penetrate into the information system of the world’s most powerful nation without the backing of those who matter,” a Qatari national reportedly wondered.

The leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified US diplomatic messages by a website is impossible without some kind of “influential or official backing” in the US itself, Qataris said.

The paper reported that information technology (IT) circles, on the other hand, said that even if master hackers were involved it would not be possible to hack into the US information bastion so easily.

“We know that nothing can remain confidential in today’s world due to the information explosion, but targeted and large-scale leaks of highly classified information is not possible without official connivance,” a source, unidentified by the daily, said.

The ‘WikiLeaks’ report on Qatar funding terrorism was a hot topic of debate on various social websites.

Many people disagreed with the US on the allegation, the paper said. However, it said that some people claimed they were pleased with the assessment proving that Qatar was following its independent policies and was not Washington's stooge.