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The gentle way

  • Posted by Robin Chatterjee, Senior Associate Editor
  • Published 17:29 July 28, 2012

Great Britain’s Ashley McKenzie learnt the hard way that even though his life was somewhat in order he would still need to learn a lot through the school of hard knocks.

McKenzie was a medal hope for his country but went out on Saturday to Beijing silver medalist Japan’s Hiraoki Hiraoka.

A hyperactive kid as a child McKenzie has had quite a colourful past. He has been thrown out of school and has been banned at least four times by Britain’s Judo Association. He can at best be termed as a hyperactive youngster. But judo gave him a way out and he took it to channelise some of his aggression through the sport.

Mckenzie, however, forgot that the essence of his sport is that it is known as the 'Gentle Way'. Hyperactivity does not win you an Olympic medal. One must apply the philosophies that govern the sport. His opponent who piled up the points in a smooth, calm and controlled manner gave the Briton a valuable tutorial in the art.


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