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Line up gentlemen: earn your opening ceremony ticket

  • Posted by Alaric Gomes, Senior Reporter
  • Published 18:40 July 27, 2012

If Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony hype was so much of an expectation as much as speculation, then nothing compares to the long wait journalists and photographers had to endure in line to get a ticket to the ceremony.

As per norms followed at all Games, each NOC is entitled to tickets that are to be collected by the nominated Press Attache after their meeting with the IOC Ticketing Committee at the Main Press Centre (MPC).

And for those who do not manage to get one from their respective NOC they are allowed the luxury of standing/sitting in a queue till the distribution of excess tickets commences. The IOC Ticketing counter on the first floor of the MPC informed journalists that the distribution of tickets would commence at 3 pm, a good five hours before the start of the celebrations to the 30th Olympic Games.

The first one in line was a French journalist Yannis Millos who started off in line much before noon. And by the time it was 2 pm, the waiting line of ‘impatients’ was to nearly 50. Closer to 3 pm this had swelled to nearly 100.
“It looks like they have some extra tickets,” Millos beamed as he stepped out of the line to stretch his limbs.

“We are all supposed to belong to the ‘Olympic Family’, but standing in line here, I feel like an orphan,” he smiled.

“I am more excited for the ticket counter to open at 3 pm than getting to the actual opening. I hope they keep the counter open at 12 midnight so that they can distribute the excess tickets before people head back home,” he

Foot Note: All journalists who had stood in lined were rewarded with a ticket enclosed in a plastic wallet (you never know the English weather…and there have been the slight drizzles here since the morning).
All worth the wait!

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