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Happy, not gay

  • Posted by Robin Chatterjee, Senior Associate Editor
  • Published 17:24 July 27, 2012

The Usain Bolt-Asafa Powell press conference had quite a few hilarious moments.

Two among them stood out. A Chilean journalist couldn’t help but comment on Bolt’s taste in music and his love for partying. Observing that since he was gay and liked to have a good time would he ever consider coming over to Chile?

A perplexed Bolt was at a loss for words  till host and former Olympic medal winner Colin Jackson piped in saying, ‘I think the word she is wanting to use is not gay, but happy Usain.’ The fastest man in the world then partially managed to recover his composure to the great mirth of the audience.

Powell was not spared either when a journalist commented that at least 150,000 condoms had been delivered to the Olympic Village and did Powell receive any. The straight faced sprinter replied saying, ‘I really don’t know what to do with condoms apart from making balloons if I am having a party. But that’s about it, I am a virgin,’ he replied before collapsing on the ground with Bolt.

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