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Chinese checker

  • Posted by Robin Chatterjee, Senior Associate Editor
  • Published 17:25 July 27, 2012

Among the more memorable attractions that the Soho area of London showcases there is a little Chinese man perched on top of a cycle rickshaw and he seems to be spreading good cheer to anyone and everyone who passes him by.

He answers to the name of Chin Guanming but that is all you can get from him by way of conversation. Chin  speaks absolutely no English whatsoever but he makes him understood by  a few tried and tested methods: smile as wide as you can and shake everyone’s hands should they approach you.

Chin actually made the trip from China to London in two years, stopping by a number of countries along the way, in his rickshaw. He lives, sleeps and eats there.  He went through war zones, extreme temperatures and floods but nothing seemed to dissuade him from his goal: to bring the message of peace to London ahead of the opening ceremony.

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