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A whole lot of rubbish

  • Posted by Robin Chatterjee, Senior Associate Editor
  • Published 17:30 July 28, 2012

More on Chen Guanming, contemporary China’s avatar of medieval traveller Huen Tsang: he has decided to contribute in his own way towards the London Games by promising to clean up all the rubbish that he encounters.

Nothing unique here, Chen did exactly the same in Beijing.

The white-haired farmer from the Jiangsu province seems like he can do it as he continues to exude a lot of energey despite living on the streets of Soho in a rickshaw which, incidentally, also has a built in bed fitted in.

Chen, however, is not the only Chinese in town. London is packed with visitors from China and Chinatown, the eating district which serves cheap and cheerful Chinese food, is thronging with Chinese of all shapes and sizes.

Probably a good idea for Chen as he claims not to feel too lonely anymore and is definitely up for having a word or two in his language since he speaks no English at all.


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