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This DSF, Gulf News' Web News Editor Florence Pia G. Yu trawls the malls and places off the beaten track to find the best deals and bring you the quirkiest items you can add to your shopping bag

Decoding the DSF signs

  • Posted by Florence Pia G. Yu, News Editor - Web
  • Published 15:42 January 19, 2013
Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Image Credit: Florence Pia G. Yu/Gulf News
  • One of many sale signs blazing this Dubai Shopping Festival.

After spending two weeks hopping from shop to shop this DSF, let's check if you paid attention to some of the finer details of the shopping fest.

Read the signs

There will usualy be big sale signs blazing by the display window, but some shops may have low-key displays, so you may not be able to tell by first glance that they have special sale items inside.

Also, read what the signs say. If it says "sale", it means all their items are on sale. If it says "part sale" then you'll only see selected items on sale.

Look for that piece of paper

How do you know you've stepped into a participating store? Check out the Certificate of Participation. It is usually somewhere near the display window.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Check the tags

There will be red or orange tags, but DSF sale items will have the special tag that tells you how much discount you are getting for the item, the original price and the sale price to make it easier for you to decide if it's worth buying.

Dubai Shopping Festival

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