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Web News Editor Florence Pia G. Yu

This DSF, Gulf News' Web News Editor Florence Pia G. Yu trawls the malls and places off the beaten track to find the best deals and bring you the quirkiest items you can add to your shopping bag

Bargain hunting in the neighbourhood

  • Posted by Florence Pia G. Yu, News Editor - Web
  • Published 14:57 February 2, 2013

With less than 48 hours to go before DSF closes, I thought I'd check out the shops closest to the neighbourhood. It turned out to be quite an offbeat bargain hunt.

The new Choithram in J3 Mall (the mini-mall that opened about three months ago along Wasl Road) has a special Dh54.95 offer on a pack of three 500ml Cool Mint Listerine. If someone asks, you could just say, "Look, I'm not hoarding Listerine. I'm allergic to halitosis."

Cool Mint Listerine

A spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down

You're not fit for human consumption and you need to pick up an aspirin or two. In comes Real Pharmacy at Wasl Square (next to Safa Park) with a DSF offer to make you feel a little better. For every Dh100 you buy in  the store (yes, even medicine), you get a Dh20 voucher that you can use until the end of February. They're also marked down the prices of their health products. For instance, the Accu-check blood glucose sampling device (which was Dh333.50) now costs Dh85.

This Accu-check blood glucose sampling device

Textile delight

Along Al Satwa Road, Deepak's textiles is offering up to 40 per cent off the prices of their fabric. I saw rows and rows of sharmuse satin for Dh5 per metre and some cotton ones for Dh4. Just think: You're a snip closer to bespoke for less.

At Deepak's textiles

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