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Web News Editor Florence Pia G. Yu

This DSF, Gulf News' Web News Editor Florence Pia G. Yu trawls the malls and places off the beaten track to find the best deals and bring you the quirkiest items you can add to your shopping bag

Bargain hunting in Al Barsha

  • Posted by Florence Pia G. Yu, News Editor - Web
  • Published 12:27 January 29, 2013
Royal Garden Centre items on sale
  • Image Credit: Florence Pia G. Yu/Gulf News
  • The Royal Garden Centre is selling this well (right) for Dh7,350 after discount and the Greek-style stand for Dh78.

My car got stuck in gravel in an area under construction and I may have ruined the underchassis, but Al Barsha’s shops were compelling. The ride quickly turned into a Disney adventure, and it wasn’t a total disaster.

Wishing well

I was Sleeping Beauty who was jolted awake at the sight of this wishing well at
the Royal Garden Centre — a hidden gem near Mall of the Emirates. Pavings, fountains, planters, ornaments, furniture... name it, they have it at up to 75 per cent off the price this DSF. The well costs Dh7,350 after discount (Price still steep? Think about the coins you’ll accumulate through the years). I also saw a Greek-style stand for Dh78 (the original price was Dh310).

Aladdin's magic carpet

Next door, NIC Gallery is offering incredible discounts that will have Aladdin jumping up and down. Most carpets are on sale at 50 per cent off the original price. The salesman said most of their products are handmade in Iran and Turkey. I loved the 245cm x 150cm modern Venus (below, right) for Dh1,375.

Items on sale

The princess and the pea

Further down the road, Intercoil has a store-wide sale for the princess
and the pea. Bespoke beds are on sale for 25 per cent off the price. I saw the stylish leather piece (above, left) for Dh2,400. You could also have a look at the therapedic mattress with adjustable air pressure.

The genie and the lamps

The genie is out at Al Salhiya Lighting Centre and it looks like he will grant you a wish or two. The shop is offering up to 50 per cent discount on lighting. The hanging brass lantern with decorative glass caught my eye. Dh1,500 (40 per cent off the price).

Hanging brass lanterns on sale

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