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Follow reporter Mohammed Al Khan's bid to fight obesity as part of Gulf News' drive

  • Published 18:15 January 13, 2011

    Full steam ahead

    It’s been a while since my last blog entry, I apologies for that. As I expected, as 2011 came around the corner things have begun to get tougher. Read more...

    Posted by By Mohammed N. Al Khan

  • Published 15:14 December 19, 2010

    Down and up

    The first couple of weeks of this campaign I’ve been dealing with physical effects, getting used to my workout regime and trying to ignore the cravings. Coming to the end of week three I’m starting to get emotional battles. Read more...

    Posted by Mohammed Al Khan

  • Published 17:53 December 12, 2010

    Back to work

    Today is my first day back at work since starting this campaign. I took a couple of weeks off just so I can get into the habit of going to the gym and being more active. Now I have to make sure my professional life can adapt to my exercise regime. Read more...

    Posted by Mohammed Al Khan, Staff Reporter

  • Published 15:33 December 6, 2010

    A loss of loss

    I had my first weigh in yesterday. I was nervous, but really optimistic.

    Just for the record I was against weekly weigh-ins. I don't like to check until about a month. Even when I'm on a treadmill the first thing I do is cover the timer, if I keep looking at the timer I get tired quickly, so I just put the towel over the console and try to escape mentally. The same thing applies for me when I'm trying to lose weight. But the editors wanted weekly updates, so that's what we're doing. Read more...

    Posted by Mohammed Al Khan

  • Published 22:54 November 30, 2010

    For love of the game

    spent most of the day today in Abu Dhabi. I was supporting Abu Dhabi Education Council's School-Jitsu programme Read more...

    Posted by By Mohammed N. Al Khan, Videographer

  • Published 17:21 November 29, 2010

    No pain, no gain

    The last couple of days I've been in so much pain that I couldn't even write a blog. Coach Tam Khan and the guys at Contender MMA Centre have really been pushing me, testing my mental strength just as much as my physical strength. Read more...

    Posted by Mohammed Al Khan

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