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All the latest updates, behind-the-scenes info and more as the world's tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, officially opens

  • Published 17:50 January 5, 2010

    An elevating ride

    A lot of people commenting on the elevators. The dramatic music building to a crescendo just as the lift doors open is something that all UAE residents should experience. There is a shop on the observation deck as well as an outdoor area, which looks north down Shaikh Zayed Road towards Sharjah. Massive queues now for tickets at Dubai Mall, it's looking like the next few days could already be close to full capacity. Read more...

    Posted by Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter, Gulf News

  • Published 16:42 January 5, 2010

    Observing Dubai from the 124th floor

    Endure the ear-popping escalator ride up to the observation deck on the 124th floor and you will be rewarded with incredible views of Dubai.

    The 360 degree panoramic deck allows you to see for miles in every direction. The sunlight piercing through the clouds above the Burj Al Arab is a particularly awe-inspiring sight, as is the thousands of vehicles hurtling between the skyscrapers of Shaikh Zayed Road. Read more...

    Posted by Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter, Gulf News

  • Published 15:39 January 5, 2010

    Educational journey

    I've entered 'At The Top' and will be heading up the world's tallest building shortly. In the meantime I'm wandering about the education centre, which provides visitors with an abundance of statistics and facts about the building's construction. Touch screen technology allows people to see how the Burj Khalifa would alter the skylines of cities around the world including New York, Cairo, London, Shanghai and Rio De Janeiro. You can also compare the Burj to the world's other tallest buildings. Read more...

    Posted by Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter, Gulf News

  • Published 15:11 January 5, 2010


    Burj construction

    Burj Khalifa might be open but you can't really enter the building right now. And if you're wondering what that sound is, yup, the building is not completely ready yet.

    There is activity still around the main entrance of the tower with workers rushing back from their lunch break. There's even a significant excavation site close by, hidden behind roadside boards. Construction vehicles are moving in and out of the site, carrying equipment and building materials. Read more...

    Posted by By Nadia Saleem, Staff Reporter, Gulf News

  • Published 14:56 January 5, 2010

    No room at the top

    It has been confirmed the Burj Khalifa is at full capacity for today. That's not deterred people though as the queue is even longer now as residents and tourists alike bid to secure tickets for the coming days.

    The Burj shop 'At The Top' seems to be doing a brisk trade with all manner of tat on sale including Burj baby clothes, photo frames and keyrings. Personally I would like a novelty Burj Khalifa hat but they don't seem to have them in stock. Read more...

    Posted by Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter, Gulf News

  • Published 14:33 January 5, 2010

    Queuing for the top

    A reasonably large queue has already formed at Dubai Mall as residents are clamouring for a chance to scale the world's tallest tower.

    People are being allocated staggered entrance times at a cost of Dh100. So even if you buy a ticket now you will not actually get up the tower until hours, or even days, later.

    Immediate access, costing a princely Dh210, appears to have been suspended for now. It's a slightly confusing set up but there's plenty of staff around to answer queries. Read more...

    Posted by Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter, Gulf News

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