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'I felt that I couldn’t get out of bed because each time I lifted my head, the nausea overtook'

Image Credit: Jewel of Antartica team

Today’s blog is being composed by the few teammates that have been able to make it out of their bunks to the breakfast table.

After all the excitement of boarding and unpacking, we had a good dinner and some fun decorating our cabins. Most of us slept well only to wake to the joys of the Drake Passage, which clearly got the best of most of the team.

Several team members were overcome by the dizziness, nausea, and a total loss of equilibrium.  “I felt that I couldn’t get out of bed because each time I lifted my head, the nausea overtook me so I climbed back in and tried to sleep away the misery,” said Sarah.

Linda, Lara and Frida started the day strong, with a stroll to the lounge on the 5th deck for their morning coffee. But were overcome by the constant pitching and rolling of the boat caused by the “normal seas”.  If this is normal, we don’t even want to imagine what a rough crossing would be like.

Fortunately some members were able to not only stand, but also serve the rest of us. Morag’s true calling emerged. She is now fondly known as Flo Jo – short for Florence Nightingale and Flo Jo the former Olympic medalists as she run up and down the gangways and stairs delivering sea sickness patches, crackers and even a pot of steaming hot ginger tea.  Flo Jo had a few helpers who were happy to assist as long as they could stay on the upper decks.

Photos and video from today are quite limited due to the green hue of most of the team and our videographer’s inability to remain vertical.

Throughout the afternoon, some were able to eat; some attended expedition briefings but most continued to vomit.  The experience reminded many of us of the effects of chemotherapy sessions and while unpleasant, we know that this will pass and that knowledge is helping us keep up or spirits.

With dinner still ahead of us, we wonder how many will make it to the table.

And how many of them will manage to keep it down. It is important to note, that none of this is due to the nutritious food we are attempting to enjoy.

Those of us standing are heading into today’s “recap” session, which will occur daily to review our activities and experiences; today’s should be interesting.

We are all looking forward to less white caps tomorrow!