7 outfit ideas for the week with 7 must-have fashion tips

We have compiled 7 outfits for seven days of the week along with 7 tips to help you dress better

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We women know the struggle of deciding what to wear. Here we give you some ideas on how to style your outfits for the week along with some tips that can help you get the best out of everything you wear.

1. Sunday

A simple white lace top or shirt with black and white chequered pants or a similar pencil skirt. Add a pop of colour with red, yellow or beige heels. Don’t forget to match either your bag or other accessories to your shoes.

Tip 1: You can wear shoes of any colour or print to match monochrome clothes as long as you match your accessories or your bag with the shoes.

2. Monday

Pair coloured tops with beige/neutral nude pants. For a more formal look, wear plain shirts, tops with very small designs that don’t break up the colour or shirts with single colour horizontal stripes. For a semi-casual look, wear a shirt that stands out with its colour or design.


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Shoes can either be a darker beige shade, white or black. If you bag is a neutral shade as well, you can match your shoes to the colour of your shirt, belt or any other accessory.


#Hi igers! Buongiorno e ben ritrovati su questa pagina in un lunedì di metà novembre che ci riporta al solito tran tran, ma con un clima certamente diverso rispetto all ' inizio di questo tragico week end. Continuiamo a vedere il nostro outfit del giorno,e siccome so che in molte nostre regioni non fa ancora molto freddo (anche se da metà settimana i metereologi dicono che arriverà !😵😵),vi propongo ancora la nostra camicia di jeans abbinata questa volta a dei pantaloni stile boyfriend beige-biscotto. Un outfit casual e semplice,a cui aggiungeremo una borsa magari un po ' particolare e "preziosa",un paio di stivaletti e un capo spalla un po ' più pesantino, tipo un ecofur sul marrone! 😉

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Tip 2: Pair the ensemble with bright coloured jacket if you need some colour (with white, black single colour or striped shirts) or opt for a neutral black or beige coat to play down the colour of the top (for bright coloured tops).  

3. Tuesday

Palazzo pants are all the rage now with their flared flowy look and endless colours and patterns. For a formal outfit choose grey, dark beige, white, blue or black pants and pair it with brightly hued tops and shirts. Your top should not be loose or of a bigger size as it will work against the look.

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While heels are best for this look, you can also wear flats if your pants fall shorter than ankle length. Wear a nice bold belt if you plan on wearing plain white, nude or black tops.

Tip 3: Palazzo pants can work well for petite women too. All you need to do is shorten the helm of the pants to ankle length or slightly above ankle length and wear a nice fitted top - sleeveless would look best.

4. Wednesday

A midi-dress can never go wrong at work and can easily convert into an after-work party dress with the right efforts. If you have a black or a navy blue plain midi-dress – a loose fitting sweater, a printed jacket, a nice scarf – all of these can create different looks with one outfit.

Colourful midi-dresses are great too and don’t forget to pair your shoes well with your bag as that could make or break the look. Go neutral for the shoes and bag if your dress has a bold design or pattern.

Tip 4: Get that midi-dress now as it is a must have in your wardrobe. It should be well fitted and end at knee-length or no more than an inch or two below the knee.

5. Thursday

Almost at the weekend, so you want to be a little more comfortable and wear something that can be worn at a start-of-the-weekend party. Leggings are what we suggest. While they are super comfy and also casual, with right tops and accessories you can create a semi-formal Thursday look.

A long and slightly loose white shirt with black or monochrome printed leggings is one option. Pairing a slightly flared mini-dress with a matching legging is another great idea.

Tip 5: Choose tops which fall at least 4 inches below your hip bone when pairing with leggings. No matter how slim or well-endowed you are, short tops with leggings are not appealing.

6. Friday

Lounge around in your pajamas until it’s time to don your favourite shimmery mini-dress. Not in the mood for partying? Wear your denims today whether it be a shirt, a skirt, overalls, shorts or shirt-dress. Sneakers or flip flops will work with all of these.

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Tip 6: Ever saw those brightly patterned heels at the store that you wanted but didn’t know what to wear it with. Get them now and pair them with your LBD (little black dress) or your white one. 

7. Saturday

A Saturday brunch to go to? Take out your pretty shift dress today. A-line dresses that flare out from the waist and shirt-dresses work great for a relaxed Saturday outing.

Tip 7: A thin brown or coloured belt, or a wide bold statement belt; use belts to accentuate your curves or play down what you consider your problem areas. Belts are a good investment for all outfits.